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This is a little werid but when you add the mini-game job, i was thinking you can also study the work from the job after you’re done. And also it’s super funny how this woman who said any luck of finding a job yet? And the beginning of the chat was i want to invite you to my super network! And after that she acts like we are best friends for 5 years lmao. I think this is just a bug from the game

Oh that would be Allie Jackson I presume? Yeah she's your default contact that you went to school with, I guess that's not very well explained. I should add a chat history between the player and Allie to build some back-story.

I'll keep your suggestion in mind for when I do add a working mini-game. =)

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I also have another idea. You can level up by mini-game working or studying.  Ranks are the same as levels and to be able to join more jobs with higher rank. Mine next idea is that you get achievements and quests to do. Quests can come every 24 hours.  I recommend adding different languages in the start to pick which you can speak. English is the top. I would like indoesina, bosina, arabic for my friend, germany If you’re gonna add that. And also is it fine fine you add coins into the game so you can buy things and yea. I know i’m saying alot to add but i think the game will be much funner by that. The only problem is it will take alot of times and work. So i’m not sure if you will add everything.

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everytime when i answer in the of you ever had experience or anything like that the person is just gone from my chat.. Why? And also great game also you should add that you can actually work

The interviewers do disappear from the chat once you either declined or finished an interview. And yeah a working mini-game would be a fun addition to consider.

Thank you for playing and trying it out!

i got hired, how do i work?


Just keep finding more jobs, haha.

There's isn't a working mini-game as such right now although I did plan on adding that at one point.

it's fun but with the interviews it just stopped after i answered something

Hi. Yeah I've noticed that too. Sometimes you have to nudge them to reply during an interview.

Also for some reason scoring didn't work in the browser version as opposed to the offline version, this has now been fixed though.

I'll be looking into why the chat stops in the middle of an interview sometimes...